Friday, August 13, 2010

S .... is for swimsuit!

Yes, I just realized I never did a swimsuit post all summer!  As I sit here poolside in my....ah hem... maternity tankini, I am thinking about suits that are waaay hotter than this little number here.   I have been on the prowl for a glamorous one piece bathing suit for a few years.  Next summer I will be post baby, approaching 35, so I guess my bikini days just might be over.   (Begin sad music here...)

One pieces have come a long way!  There are a variety of super cute options out there right now.   I like this with some old hollywood/vintage flair. But, this one below has to be my ultimate favorite.  It looks like something Katie Holmes would wear- don't you think?  And, it is on sale right now for $50 bucks (down from $188).   BARGAIN!  Will someone of you who is tall, trim and not pregnant get this and tell me how much you love it?

I of course would look just like her in it.... last summer that is!

I try to stick to black suits as they are generally the most flattering and I think "cool" and modern.  But, Anthropology has a few other beautiful suits worthy of a notable mention!    Here are just a few!

A vision in metallic pewter!

This one is a pattern... which I usually don't do, but it screams vacation!  I think you have to have tan skin to pull it off though.

I love this one... currently on sale, but only have xs left!  If you are petite... scoop it up!

Okay, well... it is Friday and I am not at work, so me an my maternity suit are going to work on our tan!  Until next time....xoxo

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  1. Love this post! I've been on a mission to find a fantastic one piece for years :). One of these just might do the trick. Enjoy working on the tan--and enjoy vacation!

    Miss you guys, KT