Thursday, September 9, 2010


Want a good and good for you quick meal?  B.good is the answer.  Just recently the b.good Shakes van visiting my place of work.  They were giving away free banana strawberry shakes and they were AMAZING!  They were also giving away some coupons for free sweet potato fries.  I cannot resist me some sweet potato fries.  A few weeks ago me and a few friends ventured to b.good's  Brookline location to cash in our coupon and have a yummy lunch!

Here is the is all fresh, in season and local.  Get yourself a burger, turkey burger, veggie burger or chicken sandwich.  (They have salads too.)  Of course, if you get a burger, you must get fries and you can choose between regular and sweet potato.  You can get your burger with a huge variety of fresh toppings.  I had the regular burger with cheese, lettuce tomato, and avocado and cashed in my coupon for sweet potato fries.  It was a great meal.  I left too full for a milkshake.... maybe next time!

B Good has a bunch of locations including Brookline, Cambridge, Back Bay, Dedham, Hingham, Newbury Street, and Mass. Ave.  If you have not been.... go!  It is real food... fast and it is delicious!

Here is a very unflattering photo of me and I enjoying my b.good lunch!  
Love them sweet potato fries!

Go ahead..... B Good!   Until next time....xoxo

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