Friday, October 8, 2010

C.C.... Cocktail Cardigan...

So, I don't know what makes a cardigan a cocktail cardigan, but it does sound festive yes?  Well, Old Navy has some super cute cardi's right now including this baby to the left.  My friend SH and I each picked ourselves up one... well actually a couple at Old Navy for $20!  Bargain!

I got a navy and black one.  I have to buttton only a few buttons to fit my now quite big baby bump, but it works!  SH and I were so excited about our sweaters that we wore them on the same day!  Don't we look cute in our matching cocktail cardigans.  Only question is... where is the cocktail?

Our office lighting is just not that great.  We both are much cuter in person! But, don't we look darling in our matching cardigans?  This photo is making me rush out to buy some blush right now!!! :)

Well, get yourselves to Old Navy soon.... I am sure these cardigans will not last!  Until next time...xoxo

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  1. cardigan can be cocktail? anyway thanks for sharing it