Thursday, October 28, 2010

H.C.....Hand Cream!

So, here in New England it is starting to feel quite cold.  It is getting dark earlier and my skin is starting to feel that winter is coming soon!  I have been slathering on the hand cream.  I like a cream that is very moisturizing but not greasy and that smells amazing!

Here are a few of my recommended hand creams.

Love and Toast Hand Cream is a recent discovery.  The Gin Blossom scent is my favorite.  

A cult favorite.  L'Occitane has lots of great scents, but the lavender is my favorite!


Lollia has AMAZING hand cream.  Smell is too good to describe!

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy hand cream is delightful.
The Sleep (Lavender and Vanilla) scent is super relaxing!

 These creams work great but also make you smell amazing.  Until next time....xoxo

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