Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A is for Anniversary!

So, today is my third wedding anniversary!  Three years!  In that time we have bought a house, improved our house, traveled (Thailand, France, Iceland and more), and got pregnant!   Fall is a big time for us... not only is it our anniversary, but it is my birthday, his birthday and then Christmas!  So we don't go broke (or crazy), we skip birthday gifts and instead focus on anniversary and Christmas.  For our anniversary gifts... we keep it traditional.  This is is fun and sometimes challenging as it forces you to be creative and think about the year!

I will reveal our three years of gifts tomorrow, but will you allow me to be a bit self indulgent today?  I try to keep this blog informational and less about me... but today... I will share some of my wedding!   My wedding photographer, Corinna Raznikov,  was my "splurge".  She was the most expensive I looked at, but was worth EVERY penny!  I think my photos are so artistic and unique!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding photos!

I was also obsessed with all the "details" and got crafty!  Suprised... probably not!  

Candles (with labels made by me) served as seating cards.
Matches (funny because we met on

We got married at the Harvard Club which was full of gold and crimson, so I tried to color coordinate with the space.

I made the table numbers and spray painted pedestal frames to match.

I am super lucky to have a great husband who makes me laugh, deals with my "control freakish" ways and loves me unconditionally (even big and pregnant).  Thanks for an amazing three years!

Thanks to you my readers for letting me self indulge today! :)   The big gift reveal is tomorrow!  Year Three is leather... just imagine! :) Until next time....xoxo

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