Wednesday, October 20, 2010

L is for Limited.... shop online!

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So, when I was growing up one of my favorite things was "back to school" shopping with my mom and sister.  There is something about fall as a simple of a new season and beginning of a new year- even if we are all not in School anymore!  One of our favorite stores was "The Limited".  We could easily do some damage in that store.  I was heartbroken when the Limited left our local mall.  You can still find some Limited stores, but they are few and far between.  The good news is that you can shop "The Limited" online now which is great for me.  I LOVE online shopping!

I love "The Limited" because they have cute, professional stuff at reasonable prices and you all know I love a good deal! :)  Here are some of my favorite items on sale right now at "The Limited"!

This shirt screams "Courtney".  Bow beautiful for $49

Triple Strand Chunky Necklace.  I do love pearls!  $29.90

Tie Neck Top for $34.90

Obi Belt- sleek and sophisticated at $34.90

Deluxe cardigan jacket on markdown for $34.99

Wrap dress, a wardrobe staple.  On markdown for $44.99

Darling Ruffle Tee.  It is a steal at $16.99

"The Limited" is great for wardrobe basics too.  They have great pants, skirts, suits and more!  Check it out at your local store (if you are so lucky) or online!

Until next time...xoxo

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