Wednesday, November 24, 2010

E & P... Entry and Pantry! Part ONE.

Okay, so I have complained many many times on this blog about my entry way (and lack of storage) and my very bad pantry!  We have no place for shoes, mittens which always annoyed me as it typically resulted in a pile of stuff on the floor when you first walk in our house side door.  The pantry is on the right when you first walk in and it was also a HUGE disaster.  The shelves were very short (8 inches in depth) and nothing really fit on them.  Also, they were rounded on the front, so when you try to find something on the shelf things always fell off the front.  It was a nightmare!

I had a vision.... it took me a while to get the husband on board.  I finally said he did not have to buy me a Christmas gift if he re-did the pantry.  That is how bad I wanted it.  He got the idea!  What did I want to do?  I wanted to gut the inside of the pantry, paint it, and put in deeper shelves with better organization.   This was a combined project (entryway and pantry) as I also wanted to add a bench (which would effect pantry door) with storage for shoes, mittens, hats, etc.

I will give a full unveiling on Friday.  But, we took off the pantry door (well the husband did) and painted the gross interior of the pantry bright white.  We got rid of the 8 inch shelves and replaced them with 14 inch shelves... 6 more inches made a BIG difference!  I bought some storage devices (3 lazy susan turntables, some bins and a spice shelf).    The husband then built a corner bench (with storage baskets) custom to the entry way space.

Here are some before and in progress photos!  

Pantry before makeover.
Everything just stuffed in there and teetering on the edge!  
The inside was gross- yellowed over time and dusty!

I put all the food on dining room table and sorted it
by category (canned goods, pasta, rice, snacks, baking goods, etc)  

In progress!  Pantry is painted and
you can see the entry way space that is dying for something!   Benches!
(I should have taken photo before I cleaned up pile of shoes and what not.)

Friday I will debut the after photos.  Let's just say... I am SUPER happy with the results.  The husband has impressed me once again!  Until next time....xoxo

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