Friday, November 26, 2010

E & P... Entry and Pantry! Part TWO.

So, yesterday I shared a teaser on our most recent DIY project.  It is a makeover of our entry way which includes updating/gutting our pantry.  My goal was to have a better space to store our food, snacks, etc, also to have storage for shoes, mittens, coats etc. and make our entry more attractive and useful.

It took a few weeks to get this project finished, but here are the after photos! 

New shelves (organized by category), access to recycling and dog food (bottom).
I still need to paint inside of the pantry door and have hopes of putting rack or magnet plate for spices.

Benches complete!  We cut down the pantry door to fit new space.
Eventually I want to get a new doorknob and add some molding to the door to make it nicer looking.  I also have hopes of adding some more hooks for coats and spacing them out a bit. 

What do you think?  I love it.  There are a few additional updates that I might add down the line, but done for now!  It is great to look at something attractive when you come in the door rather than a messy pile of stuff.  The added plus is that I have a beautiful pantry that is well organized and I can find stuff.  Until next time...xoxo

PS:  Check out the DIY Show Off!  I entered my bench there!!!

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  1. Courtney, this looks great! I love how you thought outside the box to cut down the door in order to have the bench there. Smart. Setting up our pantry is on my to-do list. Guess I'll get on it now 'cause company's comin'!

    And that husband of yours, I never knew what a handy man he was. Memere always said we have to watch out for those quiet ones. They'll either shock us or amaze us. Your quiet man just amazes. :)