Tuesday, November 23, 2010

N.A... Noah's Ark! Helping a friend with her nursery!

Okay, my friend "SB" is struggling with putting her nursery together!  "SB" I have come to your rescue!

"SB" and her hubby don't know if they are having a boy or girl but want to do a "Noah's Ark" theme.  This can be gender neutral when done right!  My advice is to select a few inspiration items and then let the creativity role.  I love this poster to the left from Bold and Noble's Etsy Shop.  Would be very sweet on the wall in a nursery!  

Here are some other Etsy finds that would work! 

A wall decal from Etsy!  You can customize colors!

These prints also from Etsy would be adorable framed and hung in nursery!   
You can change color scheme to fit your taste or preference.   

This would be cute on a bench or rocking chair in the nursery!  
Also on Etsy!  

I LOVE THIS!!!  Would be cute on bookcase or wall shelf.  Made by KoKo Comapany.  Need to google around to find it!  

Okay, once you have a few "themed" inspiration items, the first step is picking a paint color!  The room only has one window, so I think a light color is best and a neutral.  If "SB" goes with a neutral it is most flexible if they have a boy or girl!

One of my FAVORITE colors is Benjamin Moore's Winter Wheat.  I have this color in my guest room, used it in my sister's master bedroom and used it before in condo (pre-house).  It is a great warm neutral! "SB" you should paint the wee one's room Winter Wheat in my opinion!

Benjamin Moore- Winter Wheat

I would then do a solid sheet in the crib.  Land of Nod has a cute watery blue that I think would work beautifully!  Is the color of the sheet not divine?

Carousel Designs also has some options for aqua baby bedding!
As for crib's, wood toned would be lovely!  
BSF Baby Austin Crib available at CSN Stores!

If you don't want a combo, something like this would be lovely!
AFG Nadia Crib available at Walmart

Okay, once you have the basics- build from there.  Can add a small bookshelf with books, stuffed animals (from Noah's Ark of course), etc!  Options are endless!  "SB" does this get you started?

Until next time...xoxo

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