Wednesday, November 10, 2010

S is for Soap... dispenser!

I hate clutter.  I really really really hate clutter.  One day I looked at our kitchen sink and was amazed by all the crap littered around it.  I knew it could be simpler and made some changes.  I hated the ugly palmolive bottle that never got put back and always sat on the counter.  I snapped, finally I said one soap bottle.  We don't need multiple soaps, you can wash your hands with dish soap.  And...  soap dispensers don't have to be ugly.  We now have one bottle- a simple pretty bottle with drizzle spout top with liquid dish soap in it.  We use this to do dishes and wash hands.  I bought a olive oil bottle with cruet top (available at any kitchen store) for our kitchen, but you can use pretty vintage bottle if that is your preference.

Now, this is not an idea I invented.  Martha wrote about it a while ago... but it only made its way to my memory 6 months or so ago!  (Photo to the left is from Martha Stewart.)

Photo from Our Suburban Cottage
Photo from Make It and Love It

Photo from Real Simple

Hit your local antique and/or kitchen store and get yourself something pretty for your soap!  Until next time...xoxo


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