Wednesday, December 1, 2010

F is for found! X Bench Options!

This one is from Nate Burkus!
Love you Nate!!!
So.... waaaay back when I wrote about X benches.  I love X benches.  The ones I found where kind of expensive, but I have been constantly been looking for a cheaper option.   I actually located a few.  The bargain hunter still wants them cheaper, but these are at least in my price range!

Neither of these options really go with my decor as is- but has that stopped me before?  If I could get one (or two) of these cheap enough.... I would certainly make it over!  One option is just to leave legs as they are and to recover.  This would work in my living room as an ottoman for our chair.  Or I would love to paint the legs white and recover the seat in something lighter that would coordinate in my master bedroom or guest room.

I stumbled across this one on Target!  At $80 it is not too expensive (although I am holding out hoping it goes on sale).

This one is from K Mart... yes, I said K Mart!  Hey, it is only $50!  Yes, ugly fabric, but has potential for better things.   Imagine that animal fabric gone and something sleeker in its place!   You could even paint the legs, white... black... a bold color... whatever.  

I think there might be an X Bench makeover in my future!  Do you have an X bench?  Share with me!  Until next time....xoxo

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