Monday, December 20, 2010

S is for Sunburst ... mirrors!

Okay, I am back!  My first week as a mommy was challenging, tiring, rewarding and full of love!  I am going to try to blog, but will cut back over the next month or so.  So, my goal is three posts a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) until I get my life back in order!  Thanks for your patience!

So, topic of the day...sunburst mirrors.  Sunburst Mirrors are EVERYWHERE!  You can find them in lots of different finishes and in lots of different price ranges.  I currently don't have any sunburst mirrors in my house, but maybe I need to change that.

Here are some inspiration photos!

Photo from DecorPad

Tobi Fairley- photo from the Lennoxx

Photo by DecorPad

Photo from Ballard Designs via Elements of Style

Photo from DecorPad

Okay, now that you are inspired... where do you get yourself a sunburst mirror?  
Here are some shopping options.

Find the perfect spot and hang the perfect sunburst mirror.  Until next time....xoxo

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  1. Thanks for this fun post. I Googled, "What style are sunburst mirrors?" and ended up here. I'm off to read more of your great blog.

    Warmly, Michelle