Wednesday, January 5, 2011

G.W.... Gift Wrap!

So, in the past I gift wrapped all our Christmas Gifts in our guest room.  But, now one guest room is our baby's room and this year our official guest room had guests in it.  So, I wrapped gifts in the dining room and had to collect gift wrap stuff from all over.  It was not an organized process at all!

I have been dreaming of a "gift wrap station" for our basement.  My husband laughed when I mentioned this and thought it was "ridiculous".  But, most of my project ideas he laughs at and later loves!  I mostly want a gift wrap station so we can keep it all in one place!

Check out some gift wrap station ideas!

Photo from DIY Ideas
Photo from Country Living
Photo from Be A Good Dad

If you don't have capabilities to DIY and build one, you can buy something made just for this use. 
 Check out these options from Home Decorators Collection! 

I still have a major need to "nest" and organize.  Babies come with a ton of stuff.  I feel like we are drowning in clutter!  So, gift wrap station... here I come!  

Until next time....xoxo

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