Wednesday, February 2, 2011

L.... Look for Less!

Okay, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this "Look for Less" on Overstock!  I have been waiting to debut my house photos (I will soon, I promise).  Here is a quick "sneak peak" (old photo) at our living room.  Check out the rug we have in our living room.  It is from Pottery Barn.

Now, check out this rug on Overstock.  It is generally half the price of what we paid.  Ugh.  I cannot comment on quality, but it is basically the exact same rug.   It is slightly "busier", but same flowers, same colors, same rug! What the what!!!
Need a rug?  I do recommend this one.... lots of colors to work with.  My husband joked that we should get a "backup" since our dog has had an issue or two on this rug ... if you catch my drift.  If you like a good "look for less", check out Copycat Chic's Blog!  It is one of my favorites!

Until next time....xoxo

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