Monday, February 28, 2011

P is for Project!

So, since the wee one arrived, we have not had a real house project.  The husband loves a project and has been hankering for something new to work on!  Well, he now has one.  We have a strange room in our basement that is "finished" it has a fireplace and everything.  I will share more on the "update" of the room.   At one point, the husband had made some "improvements" in hopes at one point of having a "kick ass" man town.  But, he never really used the space.  My philosophy is use it or lose it!

So, we have a three bedroom house, once Avery arrived we lost a guest room.   At Christmas we had more guests than beds.  So, we have decided to convert the basement room into a playroom/guest room.  Now, Avery will not use it as a playroom for quite a while, but I like to plan ahead!  It will be great to have some additional guest space.  So, in order for it to function as guest space and "hang out" or play space- we need sitting and sleeping space.  What fits that criteria?  Daybeds, of course!

So, the husband it working on building two daybeds that will serve as "couches" down there!  I am excited to start picking out pillows and make that room a real room.  I have a few projects of my own planned for down there.  

Here are some daybed inspiration photos!

Photo Unknown
Pottery Barn
Apartment Therapy
U Create
Pottery Barn Kids

I love me a Daybed!  Until next time... xoxo 

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