Monday, March 14, 2011

L.B.D..... Little Black Dress!

Even though I basically missed this whole winter as I was locked inside my house in sweatpants, I cannot wait for spring!  I was pregnant last spring/summer so I lived in maternity clothes.  I am eagerly awaiting the warm weather when you can put on dresses and skirts (sans tights), get a pedicure and whip out cute sandals!

I think I have mentioned before that Talbots is rocking these days.  Like J Crew and Ann Taylor- they seem to have an updated hip look.  They used to be kind of "mom-ish", but now they are chic and stylish.   Check out these perfect little black dresses that I have my eye on!

Spring... have you sprung?  Probably not.  My husband took his snow tires off this past weekend which can only mean we are in for at least one more big storm! :)  Until next time....xoxo

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