Friday, March 18, 2011

P is for perfect!

So, as I mentioned previously- the husband is currently working on building two daybeds in our "finished" basement room.  This room was "man town" but the husband never spent time down there.  Use it or loose it.  So, now I want to turn that room into a guest room/playroom.  I have been looking for the perfect bedding for the daybeds that would be fun (playroom) yet not too kiddy for a guest room.  During my last days of my maternity leave I found it was perusing Home Goods with my mom.  As usual- it was  great deal.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Home Goods.

Now, I should add that I had bought a different set of bedding with a zillion coordinating pillows that the husband hated and made me immediately return.  This was my 2nd attempt and luckily it passed!   I think the polka dots are fun but the colors make it gender neutral and soothing.  The opposite side has coordinating stripes which I have a fun plan for!   Now that I have bedding I can pick paint colors.  We are going to paint the walls and also the very worn wood floor!

So many colors .... what to pick!?

We have major progress to make on this room.  We will hopefully get it done soon because as soon as the weather warms... it is all about the backyard!  Our backyard needs serious investment!

Until next time...xoxo


  1. Can I borrow "the husband" for a weekend, we need some work done around here!? PS I'd recommend a light color for the basement, the lighter the better :) Love the bedding and I'm getting a Homegoods near my happy!

  2. Ha! Kelly,your husband probably has some great babysitting skills, so we could trade for a day! :) Ooh... Homegoods near your office- enjoy!