Friday, April 15, 2011

F.U.... Fixer Upper!

So, last week I temporarily lost my mind!  The husband and I went and looked at a house!  Now, I have no desire to move, but I was temporarily tempted though.  There is one street not too far from where I currently live that I love.  It is full of AMAZING houses.  It is one of those neighborhoods full of big trees, wide sidewalks and gorgeous houses!

Houses like this:

Then there is this baby!

This is a house that is currently on sale but needs a TON of work!  I thought it had such potential.  It has 12 foot ceilings, amazing historic details, 5 fireplaces, and open staircase where you can see all the way up to the 3rd floor.  It is HUGE.... 3,500 square feet.  When I say it needs work .... I mean kitchen needs to be totally gutted, has a ton of wall paper,  wood paneling, old bathrooms, and so on and so on!

Well, luckily... we could not be tempted.  The price is still too high for the amount of work it needs.  It is more than cosmetic... it has original windows, has gas line but running on oil heat (expensive), needs electrical upgrade and has two old air conditioners built in that would need to be removed.   These are things that require experts and that are VERY expensive.   The final straw is that it has an "easement" for the driveway... meaning they don't "own" the driveway.  That is a deal breaker for us!  

So, thank god we were not tempted.  I have a new job (promotion) and a new baby... if I took on a new house too... I would have to have my head examined!

Until next time.... xoxo


  1. I'm sure it was fun to picture what you would do if money and time were not an obstacle. I love the history of things like that...being able to picture what kinds of family memories transpired between those walls. The third picture down, with the staircase, reminded me of my childhood home. I bet Devin holds some fondness for those older homes that remind him of times at Memere's and Pepere's. :-)