Monday, April 11, 2011

S + F.... Spring Fever!

Spring has sprung in Boston.  It is great.  With warm weather means that it is time to enjoy our backyard and ... it is not quite ready.  I have talked endlessly here, here and here... about the fact that our yard is "ghetto".  It is an utter nightmare and no I am not exaggerating!  It is a small yard... but with potential- if we only knew what the heck we were doing!

Here are some cool, small backyard inspiration photos!

Here is what is on our "wish list":

- Cozy patio area with build in benches
- Shrubs- easy to maintain (impossible to kill) that look good year round
- Landscaping that has highs and lows (tall things to soften fence and low flowers/shrubbery
- Shed (get rid of our old shed and build a smaller more aesthetically pleasing replacement)
- Firepit (husband request.... I am on the fence with this one)
- Expansive (for our small yard) and soft and plush grass
- Small planter box for some herbs and a few veggies

That is a long list...hunh?  Well, we never take the easy route around here.  We are hoping to start this project next week... so stay tuned!

Until next time....xoxo


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