Friday, May 27, 2011

B.B.B.... Best Baby Bets!

So, as I mentioned when pregnant... this will never be a mommy blog.  I try to keep it true to its roots!  But, since it is about what I am loving, thinking about, obsessed with... some mom stuff might be sprinkled in here and there.  My girl Avery is soon to be 6 months old!  Can you believe it?  I cannot!!!

Well, since I have been a mom for 6 months (almost)... I am long overdue to share my best baby bets!  You know... those items I  cannot live without!  Here are my top 5 (to date).  

1.  Booginhead Pacifier Clips! (left)  These are a MUST HAVE in my book.  The first few weeks before we had these all I ever heard was "where in her pacifier".  Then when she got a bit older and would spit it out... it would fall on our dirty floor and be covered in dog hair.  Gross.  Now, you should not let your child sleep with these, but I have one clipped to her outfit (daily), one clipped to her carseat, and one clipped to my diaper bag.

2.  Miracle Blanket! (right)  So if you are having a baby or have a baby... you know all about the swaddle!  It is supposed to be the tighter the better.  I don't know if it was because we were scared or just a little "slow to learn" but we had some challenges with the swaddle and the thing that saved us was the miracle blanket.  It is easy to wrap and stays super tight.  We tried other options too, but this was our favorite.

3.  Winkel!  Yep, wierd name for a baby toy.  Avery LOVES the Winkel.  It is colorful and light enough for her to hold.  The "straw" like pieces are easy to grip and feel good on her teething gums.  I always pack this in my diaper bag...  it has served me well many times when she starts to get fussy in public.  This will immediately entertain her!

4.  Cloud B Twilight Ladybug!  It projects stars on the ceiling and you can adjust the colors.   Babies LOVE lights.  When Avery would get really fussy we could just turn this on and she would be mesmerized by the lights!   This thing was our miracle saver for the first two months.

5.  Stability Ball!    This is not an actual baby item, but is a must have if you have a baby.  Again, during those early months when there is a a lot of crying.  This thing is a lifesaver!  My niece came over once and was jumping on the ball.  I told my sister if she broke it- they were taking the baby home with them or going to store immediately to replace it.  All you have to do is hold your baby and bounce.... the crying stops.  The husband and I would have to take turns as our back would KILL.  But, it works magic.  Really ... it does.  I don't have a rocker, but have one of these babies!  

Other must haves: a good sling (newborns love this- mimics the womb.  I have the K'tan and Petunia Picklebottom), vibrating chair, portable sleeper (aka Pack and Play), and a white noise machine.   People swear by a swing- Avery hated it.  I was glad I borrowed rather than bought one!

Okay.... that is all for now.  I could talk endlessly about what we have, don't have, need, and don't need! Until next time....xoxo

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