Friday, August 5, 2011

E.... Eyeing! Maxi Skirt...

So, August means the end of summer.  Yes, I am Debbie Downer.  Well, don't worry we have the whole month to go!  For as long as I can remember.... August meant "back to school" shopping.  Even though I no longer go back to school, I still love fall shopping!!

I have been eyeing a maxi shirt for a while but could not find a summer version that suited me.  But, I am loving this fall version!  I have never bought anything from ASOS.... have any of you?

I love that this skirt is still shapely.  I wish it came in black, but I do like the grey.  I love the idea of a long skirt .... you don't have to wear tights or what not.  Throw on some boots and done! :) I am getting sick of my summer clothes.  Until next time...xoxo

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  1. This is so junior high--- literally. Maxi, midi, and mini skirts were all the rage when I was in jr high (1971/72). "Hotpants" were popular when I was in 7th grade. Joanne C got sent home from school because she had a pair on. I can still picture them---little red shorts with a cuff. That Joanne always was rather cheeky. We girls had only been able to wear pants to school for a year or two at that point. What WAS she thinking? I agree about the beauty of the maxi and I have one I wear when I fly. Wearing it now as I wait to catch a plane home.
    LOL. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. The history lesson comes free of charge. ;)