Friday, November 11, 2011

G is for Green! The perfect green cape!

Capes are hot right now. :)  I LOVED the green one that Blair Waldorf rocked on Gossip Girl.  When I was looking for some hot cape options online... I stumbled across a store that sold THE green cape, well a knock off.  SOLD!    (The polka dot scarf was an accident.  I stumbled across it for $3 at Target).  Now, Blair is a bit more colorful than I.... but I am loving my green cape!  I just had to share this silliness of me below... just to show you how much I love Gossip Girl fashion.   I am a bit more traditional than Blair (hence no yellow shoes), but I love Blair's style... always.

This green cape is my 2nd cape.  My first I got last Christmas from my sister from Zara.  It gets a lot of wear! :)

 Have you bought a cape?  Come back next week if you want to see some "Life and Style A to Z" approved capes!  Also.... my November Birchbox has arrived.  I will unveil it on Monday!    Lots of good stuff next week.  See you then!  Until next time...xoxo


  1. love this cape:) Which size of it do you have :>?

  2. Hi, where did you purchase the second (plaid) cape from? Do you have a link? Thank you!