Friday, February 24, 2012

O... Objects!

So, I had some questions after my post on Wednesday about the "yellow items" on the wall.  I have actually blogged about this very thing a while ago here!    What are these very cute and quite mysterious decorative objects.... ceiling medallions.  Yes, those things you hang on the ceiling around light fixtures.

If you want this look it is actually really really really easy.  Collect yourself some ceiling medallions.   You can get them in all shapes and sizes at Home Depot, Lowes, Overstock, Amazon, etc!

I kind of like these ones!

Home Depot


Once you have collected the ceiling medallions you want to hang- get out your paint.  Spray paint would of course be easiest...I LOVE spray paint.  But, you could use any paint you want.    Then simply attach a picture hanger of some kind with epoxy or super glue on the back and voila!  Affordable, stylish and pretty unique art!  

Until next time...xoxo


  1. This is great! I was dying to know what these were called, thank you!

  2. Nice ceiling medallion designs. All the best.