Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C is for cupping!

So, I tried something new this past weekend.   My back has been killing me and I had the cold from hell for two weeks so I thought I deserved some TLC.  I decided to give cupping therapy a try.  It is one of those things I had always been curious about.  When I mentioned it to the husband, he of course rolled his eyes.  But, I did it anyways! :)  

Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years and is a form of eastern medicine... in the realm of acupunture, reike, etc.  Chinese medicine belives that it is believed that illness or disharmony, such as stress and pain can be caused by stagnation of blockage of Qi (vital energy), Blood and lymph fluids.  Cupping therapy involves creating a vacuum in several cups and applying them to the skin. This causes a suction sensation which stimulates energy and fluid flow and eliminates toxins.  And yes for those of you have heard of cupping, it leaves perfectly cylindrical bruises after treatment.  But, I thought if it is good enough for Gywenth (Paltrow), Victoria (Beckham), and Jessica (Simpson) it is good enough for me.  

So, the woman who did my cupping therapy was hard core.   At one point I yelped and she said "pain is good".   It was clear, no pain, no gain.  Where my muscles were tightest the suction did hurt.  It was like getting a very deep tissue massage.  But, after the treatment I felt amazing.  Truly amazing.  I had a range of motion in my neck that I have not had in months!   I will be doing it again.  The husband was horrified that I paid someone 90 bucks to physically bruise me.  Men... just don't understand! :)  I will be curious to see how long it takes for the bruises to go away as I do look like a leopard.

The next day after my cupping therapy treatment I still felt great. I felt a bit sore like I had a intense gym workout.  I wonder how miraculous a second treatment could feel! :)  Until next time...xoxo

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