Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Y... Yes, I am still here!

Okay.... I have clearly been gone a while as I have returned to an all new blogger.  I am surprised that I could even figure out how to post! :)  Things probably look the same to you.    I will admit that I am having a hard time keeping up with life right now.  Things have been REALLY REALLY REALLY busy.  Work is killing me right now and any time outside of that is devoted to parenting and sleeping.  The husband and I did manage to squeeze in a weekend away ... thanks to my mom and dad who took Avery!  It was FANTASTIC.

We went to the Equinox in Manchester, VT.  It is one of my new favorite places on earth.  It is such the perfect New England town and we did a lot of eating, drinking.  We did a lot of sitting outside or by the fire reading.  We swam and got massages.  We went to the Land Rover Off Road Driving School (my Xmas gift to the hubby).  We did some shopping and then we did some more eating and drinking.  Perfection!

So, if you have never been to the Equinox or Manchester, VT... GO!  Any other adorable New England towns you would recommend for our next weekend away.  Won't happen anytime soon, but gotta have a goal! :)  Until next time...xoxo

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