Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have never met a bow I did not LOVE! Like headbands (see posts)... you have to think about how you wear it and have to have a diserning eye. But, I think it is just a "lovely" style. (I love the word lovely.) For my own style... I think bigger is better (love the black dress to the right... OMG). I have bows on shoes (typical), a diamond ring in the shape of a bow (thanks Hubby), earrings (not diamonds, but still love them), shirts (spices up a boring suit), sweaters (gotta look good while staying warm), skirts (nothing more lady like).... you get my drift. I am still looking for the perfect "bow" coat. If you find me one... let me know!

My stylish (and bow loving) co-worker Sarah shared this site with me that .... is for the true bow lover... willing to make some financial investments (if you have not figured it out, I am a cheapy at heart. Love a bargain!). But, there are some AMAZING things on this site, For those who want a less expensive, but still fabulous option, check out "silk satin bow" at Echo Designs. I have the purple . I have not worn it in a while as it fell on floor in back of closet and now needs to be ironed. I hate ironing... anyone game? I want another one... torn between pink and red. These won't break the bank: div>

Bow are all the rage now (see husband... three years ago you thought i was just "tacky".... but I was cutting edge!) and you can find just about anything with a bow on it. If it does not have a bow... you can add your own. I took my first gamble into the world of polyvore to share some options with you. I think the skirt, bracelet, and flats... are definitely coming home to me. Well... and maybe the earrings too, and well...the boots...and that cardigan. Okay... you get the drift!

B-O-W-S!!! by lifeandstyleatoz featuring Ted Baker

You deserve it. Go buy yourself some "bowtiful" things! :) LOL

Until Next Time....xoxo

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