Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, I am kind of a product whore. I love new products- hair, makeup, skincare.... whatever! I have products that I swear by and splurge on. But, from time to time I just want something new and for not a lot of money!

Here are some of my current top five favorite drugstore beauty items! My new favorite place to buy these types of things is, but you will find these items at your local CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target - what have you.

#1: All time favorite lipgloss: Revlon Cherries in the Glow.
It is the perfect soft pink that looks natural and pretty and good 0n almost anyone! I wear this alone or apply it over a layer of lipstick. Perfect Gloss- not too sticky! Love it!
#2: Cannot live without: Tinted Moisturizer
This one by Boots and this is one of my favorites and an amazing deal at $8.99. Evens skin tone, leaves it feeling soft and supple and has sunscreen to keep it that way! I have more expensive tinted moisturizers as well... but this one competes for a third of the price!

#3: A Lazy Girl's Face Washing Necessity! Biore Facial Cloths
Not only are they super easy.... they are super soft and leave my skin super happy! I used to just use these when I was too tired to wash my face, now I use them all the time because my skin looks amazing when I do!
#4: Top Product! Rosebud Salve
This is a must have. I use it on blemished, chapped lips, torn cuticles, cracked knuckles, crowsfeet.... you name it. I have even got the husband addicted to it! He went to Sephora all by himself and asked for the "rose tin thing". He pretended he was buying for me... but he loves it on his chapped lips.
#5: Have to have it: Hair! CHI Silk Infusion
I just discovered this product a few months ago and I LOVE it! It makes my hair soooo softe and silky! It reduces frizz.... so I don't fear the rain quite as much! Only use a little.... goes a long way. The smell is great too!

You don't have to have a ton of money to look good. Just hit your local drugstore!

Smooth, Primp, and Polish.... UNTIL NEXT TIME...xoxo

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