Monday, December 7, 2009

H! Home Inspiration Photo of the Moment!, dining room update!

Chandelier we ordered is bad... very bad. Also has turned into a nightmare to return. Beware of Lighting!!!! The flowers are made of styrofoam glued to metal chandelier. Yikes!

So, annoyed with dining room right now focused back on living room. This photo below is my current inspiration photo for behind our couch. I cannot remember where I found is saved in my photo inspirations folder!

Currently we have a few old stainglass windows above the couch, but I don't love them there. I like how this set up is so warm and welcoming. Looking for a shelf like this to begin the look. There is one possible option at Ballard Designs, but still looking!

I will keep you posted, but I really love this look! I am on a mission! I need shelf, word, candleholders (I can paint to match my colors), and some other embellishments! The search is on.

Until Next Time....xoxo

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