Wednesday, January 27, 2010

E.L.F! Eyes Lips Face...

There are some products for me that are a must have.... but I also like to just try new things! When I am feeling blue.... a new lip gloss will often perk me right up! If you are like me and love buying makeup .... you have to check out Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) Eyes Lips Face sells makeup cheap. I mean dirt cheap, but it is good stuff! I travel a lot for work so this place is great for me becuase I can buy a bunch of makeup and keep it in the travel approved ziplock bag so I am always good to go! Where else can you get an eyelash curler for $1.00? Come on! Wait- for those of you thinking... "Yeah... I have tried Wet and Wild. Not the same thing! Trust me on this one!

Here are some of my favorite items:

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths
These are a must have for traveling... cuts down on the space in the ziplock since they are not a liquid! $3.00

Lucious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart Come on.... it is $1.00!!!

All Over Color Stick in Persimmon
Adds a nice tinted sparkle to eyelids or anywhere! I want to get pink lemonade for cheeks!

Blushing, Bronzing & Blending Brush
When is the last time you bought a decent makeup brush for $1.00?

An eye lash curler is one of my have to have items! If I were on survivor... I would take this with me! Again... $1.00

Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow or Flushed

Little goes a long way... this baby will last a while! Seriously..... one buck!

These things are great to throw in pocket or purse when you need a little something for the lips! This tin always brings me back to 5th Grade! Lots of flavors/colors and only $2.00!
You can create your own custom compact too. $1.00 for the compact and then $1.00 for each item you add! You can mix a blush, lipstick, etc. Again... amazing for travel. E.L.F. Check it out! You can buy on their website at and at Kmart of all places!

Look pretty... and be cheap! Until Next Time....xoxo

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