Monday, May 3, 2010

F.D.... Front Door! Inspiration!

The husband and I want to give our front door a little makeover!  The people who owned our house before us were not very detail oriented.  When they painted our front door, they did not really tape of the door knocker or lock hardware as there is paint all over it all.  Additionally, the door is an odd color.   It is not terrible, sort of a purplish red, but it just not what I want.

The front door is a big part of curb appeal.  We did a variety of projects last summer to work on our curb appeal.  We made large planter boxes and planted more bushes and flowers.  This summer is all about the back yard... well and the front door!

Need some front door inspiration?  Check out these lovely and welcoming doors!

I am not sure what color we will go with.  Maybe a warm brick red color?  Or... slate Blue?  Stay tuned! Until next time....xoxo

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