Wednesday, March 9, 2011

M is for Month-to-Month!

Okay... again, sorry for the delay in posting!  I am trying to balance it all and regardless to say... its challenging.

Today Avery is 3 months old!!!  She starts daycare tomorrow and I go back to work on Friday!   Like many other mom bloggers (Young House Love, Making It Lovely and others), I am taking monthly photos of Avery.  Other bloggers add the month text with photoshop.  I knew I would never have time for such a thing and would lose track of what photo is what, so I bought stickers.  I got mine here at Esty.  She (Belles Buttons) sells lots different styles and colors, so there is something for everyone.    It is amazing to see the changes... even in just 3 months!  My baby is getting so big!!!

She is a mini version of my husband, but hope she will start looking more like me as she gets older! :)  Bear with me as  I try to balance being working mom blogger!  This might be erratic for a few eUntil next time...xoxo

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