Monday, September 19, 2011

B... Birchbox! September!

Sorry for the delay.  I know I promised this post on Friday, but I could not get it together.  Story of my life... let me tell you!

Well, September has finally arrived, well my September Birchbox that is!  I would say it is a solid month.  I got 5 items in total.... and I like all of them.

Here are they are:

1.  Incoco Nail Polish Applique (12 strips).  Full sized product (16 strips) sells for $7.99.  Value of sample is $5.99.

2.  Jouer Lip Enhancer (.07 fl oz).  Full sized product (.33 fl oz) sells for $14.  Value of sample $2.97.

3.  LIV GRN Earth Eau de Parfum (approx .5 fl oz).  Full sized product (3.4 fl oz) sells for $60.   Value of the sample $8.82.

4.  Pangea Organics Facial Cream (1 oz).  Full sized product (2 oz) sells for $36.  Value of the sample $18.

5.  Friendship Bracelet (no price)

Total value is $35.78.  I am most excited about the nail appliques.  When I visited Birchbox last month Katia and Hayley were both were them and I loved them.  I was secretly hoping for animal print ones to arrive in the mail, but I will take the blue sparkles for now! :)    I know a few readers were getting their first Birchbox this month, so are you guys happy?  Until next time.....xoxo

P.S.   Two co-workers of mine also get Birchbox.  One got these items (below) and the other has not gotten her box yet (wierd).

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