Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hello, my name is Courtney and I am a bootaholic! Well, this is not a surprise to those who know me. I have been a shoe addict for years. I will go in more detail about that in a future post. (Teaser... I have hundreds and they are color coordinated.) But anyways.... back to boots. Lately, I cannot get enough boots. I am VERY particular when it comes to boots. I have very very skinny...truthfully scrawny calves. I can never find boots that fit my thin calves. But... with skinny jeans in the scene (and some thick knee socks under my jeans) I can wear boots that fit! I have treated myself to a few pairs lately. (Husband- I just made that up. Those boots.... you know the ones that you keep asking if they are new... they are not. You just never noticed them before!) My dream boots are these ones on the left (Marc Jacobs Ruffle). I cannot afford them... but they are on my "Lottery List" (should I win and not have to walk much, they will be mine!).

I only do certain brown colors. Most of my stuff is black, but there are some great colored boots out there Grey is one of my favorites. I am a girl who VERY infrequently wears heels... so most of my boots are flats or wedges... or a small kitten heel. I know what I like. I like suede or leather and I love embellishments. One of my favorite things about this seasons boots are the bows, buckles, studs, ruffles, buttons and so on. Lately Overstock is my boot site of choice. I love a good bargain. I got these Faryl Robin (mid calf wedge) boots for a steal (right). They are almost mid calf and fit perfectly around my calf and they are SUPER comfy! Great weekend boot!
These ones (left) from Joy Chen are also amazing... the brown color is perfect! They did not have brown in my size, so I got black. Additionally, I love that they are flat but still have a pointed toe. Often flat boots have a square or round toe. These are very versatile... great with jeans or a skirt! You can find these at another great shoe site:

I have not yet explored ankle or "low" boots. I just watched the Oprah Shoe and Handbag Intervention from earlier this week and was inspired by the low options. When done right... it is just the cutest thing ever. With that in mind... I thought some of these were pretty damn adorable! (Right is MIA Sedutive and Left is Kenneth Cole Barderline. Both at

There are so many cute ones to choose from, but thought I would leave you with a bit more eye candy. Enjoy and when loved ones try to talk you into a 12 step... tell them you only walk 12 steps in cute footwear! :) (#1- Dolce Vita at Overstock. #2- Matiko "Scarlett" at Endless and #3-Seychelles "Broadway" at Piperlime. Happy shoe dreams!

Until Next Time....xoxo

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