Wednesday, November 4, 2009

V... as in "BIG V"! The Artist...

So, my blog would not be complete without a shout out to my artistic roots. As a graduate of RISD (RIZDEE)....I think I know what good Art (imagine me saying that with a Boston accent) is! My dear friend, who I lovingly refer to as "Big V"- (she is truly "tall".... but not "big") is amazingly talented. The real world knows her as Veronique Latimer and she makes amazing paintings... Huge and and Tiny! Her current work is done in encaustic. What is encaustic... well I don't really know, but it is magical and made with beeswax. If you want more detail, you would have to ask the artist herself!

Veronique's work is multi-faceted and full of layers and stories- it evokes memories of your childhood and is like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket! She uses vintage photographs, leaves, keys, words, stamps, soda tabs, etc to create stories.... some true... others imagined. Her paintings are beautiful and surreal- landscapes and stories. You can get Veronique's paintings on Now, if you read my blog before today- have you figured out that I get almost everything on Etsy!?

Her work is incredibly affordable ($30-$125)- something to keep in mind with the holidays approaching. You can even commission a piece which is a great way to remember grandparents, capture a wedding moment, pet, or celebrate a friendship. Big V will work with images (photocopies) that you share and will incorporate your words and stories! It is a great wedding gift (see right) and she can incorporate invitation, date, photos, text, etc. This is such a unique and special gift...who would not want it!
Check out her work at: Additionally, for those in the Boston area, she will be at Bizarre Bizaar on December 6th. Check it out: There is nothing better than having original artwork on your walls. I am still trying to break my husband free of his "Prints Plus" addiction .... we can afford real original art!!!

Until Next Time.....SUPPORT ARTISTS!!! xoxo

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