Wednesday, November 11, 2009

S! Shoe of the Day....

This post is dedicated to my Gram, a woman who would show up at every holiday (even at age 87) in a pair of heels. We would all tell her to be more practical- but she loved her heels and knew it completed her outfit. She always looked like a million bucks! I guess I know where my shoe focus came from. I love you Gram and will miss you.

As a Shoe-A-Holic. I have received a few requests to share my shoe secrets... so here they are. I love all shoes, but I love flats in particular! I even had "shoe closets" built to house my collection (which is not overflowing said closets). I get my shoes from all over... but,,, and are my favorites. I also like (which my husband calls, as in "You got another package from").

Yes, I buy my shoes online. I have learned that this is troubling to some. In many instances, I will find shoes I love at expensive boutiques or department stores.... I will try them on so I know what size I need and then will find them online cheaper.... I am an incredibly impressive googler. Other times... I will just find a shoe so cute online that I just cannot NOT get them and will take the risk that they might not fit. I am a pretty standard size 8, sometimes an 8.5. I like Amazon because you can read reviews and anyone who bought the shoe will usually say if it runs big or small. Most sites have free shipping and sometimes even free return shipping. As I mentioned in another post... I like sites that let you keep wish lists. I will often put things in my wish list so I can watch it and see if it goes on sale. My shoe of the day is this Pour La Victoire Florette flat. Saw them at Nordstroms for $165. I bought them at for $59.99. Worth every penny.... they are so cute and I get compliments every time I wear them. I have the cherry ones with the striped bow. I regret not buying these in navy too (right)....finding cute navy shoes is kind of a challenge. At the time, I was trying to shoe restraint. Why? Who knows!

Happy Shoe Shopping.... until next time...xoxo

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