Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Gift Idea! Create your own Tastebook!

Okay, I cannot believe I am just writing about this. Seriously! So, this is one of my absolutely favorite gift ideas! I bought this for my sister last year- it is a create your own cookbook! It is super easy; terrific gift for a mom, sister, bride or what not. You can collect family recipes and important them into the site to create a personalized Tastebook!

In addition, you can import recipes from or copy recipes from other sites. For my sister's .... I did a combination. It included a ton of our typical family recipes that we all know and love and may or may not have recipes for. Additionally, I downloaded a bunch of recipes that I thought they would like ... healthy, easy, party pleasers, etc. You can add comments, stories and photos to each recipe page if you choose to.... which is a great way to share where a recipe came from or why you picked it for them!

In addition to chosing the recipes, you get to design the cover (picking from a variety of great photos). You chose the title, logo/color for spine of cookbook, and so on. You can make it be just what you want it to be! You can always order extra recipe page inserts later too... so you if you want to give them new recipes the next year- you can give them and they can insert into the spiral bound cookbook!

It was a big hit when I gave it to the sister and the brother-in-law. Check out the website at It walks you through the whole thing. It is fun to make.... kind of addictive actuallly! You can still create your own tastebook. Deadline is December 18th, so get cracking! I promise ... it will be a hit of your holiday!

Shop, Shop, Shop till you drop! Christmas is almost here! Until Next Time....xoxo

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