Thursday, April 1, 2010

R is for Rain....

April showers bring May flowers.  Today is the first day of April and I would like to think spring is here.  For many of us that means... rain...rain... rain!  Well, have no fear.   You can be weatherproof and look cute too!

Rainboots are the rage right now and their are some super cute ones out there.  My only request is that you only wear rain boots when it is in fact raining or threatening to rain!  These days I have seen folks wearing Hunters and other rain boots in bright sun.  Why?  I have no idea!

Singing in the Rain...

What do you need even more than rain boots?  A cute umbrella or course!  I think there are so many cute options.  These umbrellas would certainly perk me up on a gray and rainy day!

Hope you are prepared for inclement weather!   Until next time......xoxo

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