Monday, May 17, 2010

B.F......Brimfield Finds!

Last week I did my tri-annual trip to Brimfield with my mom and my Aunt.  I was not feeling so great- but that could not stop me!  Brimfield is absolutely one of my favorite things to do!  A few years ago, when we first bought our house, I always had a long list of things that I was looking for.  Now, my list is shorter but I always come back with stuff!

Don't know what Brimfield is?  It is a GIANT Antique Market in Brimfield Massachusetts that opens three times a year in May, July and September!  It is open for a 6 day period beginning on a Tuesday and ending on a Sunday.   There is expensive stuff  and affordable stuff.  They have everything from classic and antique to weird and kitchy!  Looking for furniture, antique windows, jewelry, textiles, garden paraphernalia, civil war memorabilia, pewter or Nancy and Ronald Reagan slippers (see below).... they have you covered!

This year I went with hopes of buying yard stuff (arbor, bird houses, bird bath, trellis, etc).  As I have mentioned our backyard is currently undergoing a makeover.  I came home with a bunch of other stuff but not a speck of yard stuff.

We purchased some mirrors for my sister's condo which I am serving as sister/designer.   I have previously bought her a coffee table and end table (for her living room) at previous Brimfield shows.  She now wants a collection of vintage mirrors in various shapes and styles for the wall behind her couch.  She was having trouble getting started, so my mom and I took matters into our own hands!  We have three so far and can likely complete this collection at the July show! :)

I bought an amazing furniture piece- not sure what to call it.  Is it a curio cabinet?  China Cabinet?  Sideboard?  Whatever it is... I did not need it or really have a place for it, but I love it!  I asked for the price assuming it would be in the $300 range.  When the guy told me $150... I thought "crap, I have to buy it".   I was scared to show my husband as he is annoyed that I have a furniture buying obsession (end tables in particular), but even my husband liked it!  I have to put stuff in it, but I have placed it in my guest room where it looks cute as can be.

I also bought an old tin tile mirror for above the dresser in our other guest room.  (This is my second one.)  It was marked $120, but when I asked for the best price, he sold it to me for $95.  Bargain!  

I have a thing for antique tin ceiling tiles.  There is a woman there who has a whole booth focused almost entirely of tin tile things.  I am a frequent customer.  She is super nice and remembers me every year.  This year she even said she had a photo of me she took from a previous show.  Yes, I have bought a fair amount from her!  Because I love tin tiles, I had to buy this wall piece.   I have not hung it yet, but I think it is so pretty!   My mom and I also picked one out for my sister and instructed her to hang it above her bed!  It does not photograph very well, but has a ribbon to hang once I decide on a spot!

My mom and Aunt are pewter collectors.  I mean really... they have an addiction.  They picked up a few new pewter items for their collection including this adorable ice bucket for $10!  Again, another bargain!

 Have I mentioned I am obsessed with tin tiles?  I bought these small tin tiles for a buck each.   I will strip the old paint off them and do something cool.   Not sure exactly what I will do with them, but I have a few ideas!

My aunt bought this adorable old school style water pump (next to bench) that already has the perfect place in her yard!  It totally goes with the theme and style of her yard!  Was a good deal for $80, but boy is that thing heavy!

Is it July yet?  Cannot wait for the next Brimfield!  Until next time...xoxo

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  1. That buffet/curio thing is awesome. I don't know what the technical furniture term is, but I would call it beautiful and a great buy!