Friday, May 14, 2010

WTW...What to Wear? Reader Question Answered!

So, "E" came to me with a fashion dilemma!  She bought a fabulous new dress for "K's" wedding, but is stumped on what shoes!  The dress is purple.... actually "pansy".  It is a fabulous dress in a fabulous color.  I think there are three different options for shoes- black, silver or gold.  The key is to tie in whatever shoe color you chose with the additional accessories (jewelry, purse, etc).  Additionally, because the dress is "soft" (silky fabric, light ruffles/layers); you will want to choose a shoe that is not too heavy or clunky.  "E's" one request is that she cannot do a heel much higher than 2 inches.

Well "E"... ask for help and you shall receive!  

Hopefully you will fancy one of these options!  All three color schemes work and are super cute!  You will look like a million bucks!

Now... what should I wear???  Until next time....xoxo


  1. You are funny! Glad you like the options. You will look Fab-U-Lous! xoxo