Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I is for Inspiration!

Last night I went to the Blogger's Ball.  It was great.  I was drawn there to see and to hear Erin Gates from Elements of Style.  I "heart" Elements of Style... a whole lot.  It was truly my biggest blog inspiration.  A friend shared Erin's blog with me and I litterally sat in front of my computer pouring through the whole thing on a Saturday.  I was almost as obsessed as Erin is with Twilight! :)  She is so talented and humble and funny!  I was hoping to say hello to her, but could not find anything cool to say other than "Oh my god, I love you.  You are the best, seriously, you are!"  Rather than look like an idiot or crazy person, I passed on saying hello!

Also at the Blogger's Ball were the very cool Liana Peterson of New Brahmin and the talented Jessica Sutton whose blog is truly so inspiring!  I was not as familiar with their blogs, but soon will be.  They were both fantastic too.

Design Salon hosted this event and I got some great tips that I am already planning to put to use!

Oh.....if I only did not have to make money for a living!  Back to work.  Until next time....xoxo

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