Thursday, May 20, 2010

P is for Patio!

So, I have mentioned many many times that this summer is the year of the "Backyard".    This will be a third summer in our house and the time has come to deal with the disaster that is back there.  We have made some progress this year.  Still too much of a disaster to share, but we are on it!

We have done some work on the patio area! Even thought I don't have an after picture yet, this is our before!  Ugly furniture, dirty pavers, rotting fence and overgrown shrubs!

Whoever did our patio put in the pavers upside down.  The textured side which should be down in the dirst was facing up and had collected dirt and moss over the years.  We flipped them over and it looks like a whole new patio!  Check it out for yourself!

We also have ripped out rotting fence and bad shrubs!  The husband has been hard at work!

With pavers now in place I have really wanted a new patio dining table, but I was not willing to spend a lot!  My mom and our next door neighbor, "the landscape goddess" came to the rescue!  They found the most amazing black wrought iron chairs at Costco for $20.  Yes, that is right $20.  My mom called me from Costco and texted me photos, I said "$20 6!"  When she dropped them off, I was amazed that they were such great quality for such a small price.   She said women were hording them at Costco waiting for the husbands to come help them carry them out.  Funny!

 Later, she found a matching loveseat and bought me, my sister and her one of those as well, $40!

Now that I had 6 amazing chairs and a adorable loveseat, I was on a mission to buy table and finish that part of the yard!  The husband and I with 20% off coupon in hand hit the Ann and Hope Outlet and bought this table for $160.    The chairs they had to go with the table were $100 bucks each.  I totally feel like I won the lottery with my $20 chairs!  Thanks again mom!!!!

So, with a patio set complete we can map out the rest of our plans!  There is planting to do, planter boxes to make, benches to build and so much more!  As you can see it is still in construction mode.  Stay tuned!

Hopefully someday I will have a great patio living space like one of these!

More landscaping work to do..... much more!  Until next time!  xoxo

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