Thursday, May 6, 2010

L is for Lilacs!

Right now.... I am a bit obsessed with Lilacs!  I was at my chiropractor last week and stepped out of the car and almost fell over from the incredible smell of lilacs in the yard next door.  The flowers were beautiful but more than that... they smelled heavenly!  On my way home, it was decided.  We need to have lilacs in our yard! Our yard is a BIG work in progress right now.  Our front yard was last year's project, so that is in good shape, but the back yard is sketchy.  I mean... really sketchy!

I contacted my childhood next door neighbor, I call her the "Flower Goddess" for some lilac suggestions.  In short she said that they love sun, come in a wide assortment of colors and styles, and the more you pick the better!  I would love to put these in our backyard, but I don't think it will work.  Our backyard has two very old very large trees that overhang our yard.  It makes are yard  not too hot which is great, but since it gets only dappled sunlight, it is probably not lilac friendly.  I think the front yard is our best bet.  As you may have realized from reading this blog....I like color schemes and my front yard is no different.  We have a white house with black shutters and brick sides and I like my landscaping to coordinate.  So, our front yard is just green shurbs (of course) and flowers and bushes that are shades of deep red/crimson and a bit of purple.  If I knew what any of it was... I would tell you.  I can tell you that we have alyssum spreading ground cover (white flowers), some dark red flowering shrubs and black and white tulips.  I think a lilac bush would be right at home!

Check out some amazing lilac inspiration.  Though these photos will not capture the smell!

Photo:  Vanya Amelda

Do you live in Boston and want to see and smell some amazing lilas for yourself?  Check out Arnold Arboreteum's Lilac Sunday.... this Sunday!    Check out their link for all the details!  

I am going to go home and smell the liliacs today... literally!  Until next time.....xoxo

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