Wednesday, May 5, 2010

W.F.... Wall Flower!

Okay, my friend "E" is to credit with this blog idea, but her timing could not have been more perfect!  A few weeks ago I was at Dick Blick (Art Store...bad name).   I stumbled across lots of cute things for home decor including these magnetic wall flowers that "E" has and loves! These are hers here to the left/above, hung in her office.  Don't you LOVE the orange color of the wall!

These flowers are made by Umbra and are so damn versatile.  I LOVE the white, but they also come in a variety of colors including black, pink, yellow, chrome and more!  They also have other shapes like birds and dragonflies too!

You could use these cool (and very affordable) wall flowers in a variety of rooms.  They would be super cute in a little girl's room, or bathroom, but also a dining room or family room!  Perfect for that wall that you want to do something with, but could not quite figure out what would work.  This just might be it!

Want some inspiration?  Check out these photos!  

Photo:  Moot

Photo:  Unknown

You can buy these at Umbra's website, Amazon, and  Bed Bath and Beyond.  They hang very easily!  The are magnetic, so you put a simple metal thumb tack in your wall and then stick the magnet to the thumbtack.  Young House Love has suggestions/directions on how to lay them out and hang!

Thanks "E" for a great blog idea!  I need to get some of these flowers for myself... soon!  Until next time....xoxo

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