Thursday, July 22, 2010

P is for Perfect! A PERFECT top!

Okay, my friend "KB" looked cute as can be on Tuesday.  She always looks cute- but Tuesday she was REALLY cute.  I LOVED her top.... tunic length, ruffles, cute buttons and more.  She paired the white top with navy pants- great outfit!

It is an Anthropologie top- priced at $68 it is a splurge for a jersey knit, but worth it!  It comes in black, white and pink.   Pair it with jeans or a slim dress pant and voila!

The hardest part will be deciding what color!  

Happy to say that with the empire waist and roomier mid section- this top is pregnancy friendly at least for those in their 1st and 2nd trimesters! :)  For those not pregnant- it is a no-brainer!  Get it!

Have I mentioned that I love this top?  Until next time.....xoxo

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