Wednesday, August 11, 2010

P.P.B.... Petunia Pickle Bottom

Yes, (you may not believe it based on photos to the left) but this is a baby post... so feel free to skip if this is not in your line of interests!   Just recently I treated myself to a Petunia Pickle Bottom clutch on Rue La La!  It was so cheap, I could not say no and I also had a $10 credit (thanks to one of you who used my link to join Rue La La).  

Petunia Pickle Bottom sells cute and vintage inspired baby bags of all sizes.  There is a plethora of patterns to choose from.  They are not cheap- but boy are they cute.   I picked up the clutch because I thought I could leave it attached to my stroller and I would have diaper essentials there when I just want to go for a unplanned walk.  (This will not be my only diaper bag.  My mom did buy me a cute (non PPB) full sized one I will unveil at a later date!)  I am into baby things that do not look like baby things and that can have a life after baby is walking!  I thought this cutch would match perfectly with the cute sleek all black stroller I have registered for!  

This clutch which sells for about $90 was on Rue La La for $45 but with my $10 credit .... I got it for $35.  I mean, how could I not!?  Husband, mom and sister... if you are reading.... stop judging me on my baby purchases! :)  It is sleek and small but opens up to unveil a fold out/snap out changing pad, diaper wipes case and space for a few diapers and some diaper cream...  All you need!  The glazed exterior is easy to wipe down and keep clean! 

I got this cute red and black one!  

Here is an inside view of the PP clutch!

Check out the cross town clutch in a myriad of patterns, along with Petunia Pickle Bottoms other products online at the site!  There are lots of cute bigger full size baby bags, baby carriers and more, although it is not cheap.  But,  for those of you on a budget... I bring good news.  Petunia Pickle Bottom also has a line at Target!  No clutches just yet, but you can get a cute baby bag like this  below for $50.


Isn't this what motherhood is supposed to look like?   
 I mean...with that clutch I plan to be free of baby spit-up, THAT stylish, THAT thin, and THAT relaxed!  LOL!
Photo from Posh Tots

Until next time....xoxo

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