Wednesday, September 8, 2010 for Nursery Closet!

So, very soon... I will be ready to unveil the nursery.  We made some MAJOR progress this weekend.  As a teaser today, I thought I would share our nursery closet.   We live in an older house which translates to poor closet space!  We are super lucky that our master bedroom has a large walk in closet, but the other bedrooms have small closets.

The nursery closet got a real update as it was not so user friendly before.  I forgot to take a before photo, but did photograph the other guest room closet so you can get an idea of what it looked like. (Gotta work on that one next.)  It had one bar and a lot of crap crammed in.

What did we do?  We added a second bar and second shelf to the baby's closet.  These additions are huge as it adds more space for hanging!  I also bought matching baskets for the shelves for all the little items (pj's, onesies, bibs, hats, etc).   I got all the baskets at the Christmas tree shop for cheap.  I bought two large bins for closet floor (that are pretty and coordinate with baskets) that I am going to use as hampers (easily carried downstairs).

I think this closet went from being a sad little dark closet to a happy place with plenty of storage (at least for now).



Progress right?  I still want to get something for the door ... have a few ideas up my sleeve.  I will update you when it is totally finished.   Gotta work with what you have!  I am very pleased and I think our little gal will be too!  (And yes, I have bought her some clothes... don't judge me.)

Until next time.....xoxo


  1. Hey, just a note and you might already know this but, don't wash all the clothes and take the tags off the clothes until after the baby is born. I did that and didn't use half of them because Elizabeth was a huge baby and we didn't end up going out a lot because she was Colicky, she was also a hot baby and only liked to be in onesies. If you keep the tags on them you can either return them or bring them down to a children's store like "Twice as Nice" and turn them in for a credit to buy the next size up. You get a bigger credit if the tags are still on them although you can turn in used clothes too. The closet looks great!

  2. I love it Courtney! Awesome job! PS I finally got Brody's siloette drawn at a concert we went to this's so cute and I think of you evertime I see it! Hahahaa :)