Thursday, December 9, 2010

B is for bedding....

So, I have done a bait and switch from my last post talking about master bedroom bedding.  I thought I would go in one direction and then fate stepped in! :)  I had been eyeing this quilt from Garnet Hill for FOREVER.  It was beyond my price range, but then suddenly I had a coupon code and it was on sale!  I could not help myself.   I bought it and miraculously, the husband accepted it into our home.... though is being a smart ass!  Whenever we get in bed he says "left hand... red" like it is a Twister board!

I wanted something that adds some color and "warmth" to the room.  As mentioned I do like to rotate bedding!  This is perfect for fall/winter!  Drumroll please.....

I always have a down comforter in a duvet folded at the bottom of the bed.  This quilt offers a lot of options for colors, but Garnet Hill had a green duvet set on SUPER sale... all sale was 40% off  ($26 for the duvet).  So, boom- green it is.  The husband does not love the green, but for the price we can always upgrade later to another color.  

I will debut photos of my room soon (still adding some final touches)! More nesting! :)  Until next time...xoxo

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