Monday, January 3, 2011

E is for everything! CSN has everything!

So, as you all know from the many giveaways I have done .... I am a CSN Stores Preferred Blogger.  Yep, I am pretty special! :)  Well, my lovely friends at CSN are giving me another opportunity and this time I am going to do a product review.  Next time will be another giveaway, I promise.  But, this time I am getting a little something for myself.

CSN has everything.  I mean everything from home bar furniture to baby items and so much more!  With such a extensive collection, I had a hard time choosing what product I want.  I have my eye on several items.  

Will it be...

The Baby K'Tan
I registered for this, but did not get it.  Practical, cool and I think  a must have!

Gingko Skandia Flatware.
I have this, but could use another place setting!  

Dash and Albert Rug
I could apply my giftcard to get a small entryway rug or splurge for a large dining room rug!

Shoes!  Shoes!  Shoes!
I could splurge on these cute little flats!  

You will have to keep reading to see what product I choose!  I cannot wait to use my CSN giftcard and to do a product review for all of you.  A BIG thank you once again to CSN Stores!  Until next time...xoxo 

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