Monday, February 21, 2011

S... is for sale!

So, today is a Monday holiday.  I was not planning on doing an official blog post, but changed my mind!  Not only are holiday weekends great because you get an extra day to sit in your pajamas, but there are great sales in stores and online!  I thought EVERYONE knew about online sample sales at this point, but it came to my recent attention that some of my coolest friends were not "in the know".  I thought I would share an overview of my favorite online sample sale sites.  You can get some AMAZING deals.

What is an online sample sale?  It is a "sell off" of designer goods at a discount price.  Quantities are limited, so it is first come first serve.    Sales open at a particular time (i.e. 12 noon EST).  The good stuff goes quickly!  These events are "invite only" as in you have to be a member, but it is pretty easy to get an "invite".  You are invited by me if you use any of the links below! :)  There are a TON of sites now, but I am only going to share my favorites.

The Best of the Best!   

Gilt Group

Haute Look

Rue La La


Children's Sales

Home and Decor Sales

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