Wednesday, February 9, 2011

T is for Trend... skirt lengths!

Did you see this article about how stock performance impacts skirt length trends?   It is quite entertaining.  Apparently if the economy is looking dark then skirt lengths get longer.  Well, I guess things are looking challenging because skirt lengths have dropped.   I am very much in love with this current hot trend of calf length skirts.  I have always preferred below the knee skirts.

The current runway trend of mid calf skirts is TOTALLY up my alley.  I think it is so lady like and classy. Here is the runway version!

I stumbled across this PERFECT calf length skirt at Talbots.  I love it.  It was originally $129 and is now on sale for like $30.  AMAZING.  I bought one... well okay.... more than one.  Plentiful color choices, well made and super cute!  This length is my favorite because you can wear it in the winter with boots and can get away with not wearing tights.  Of course, it does look good with tights and shoes too!

If you prefer a more "full" version, like this...

Talbots has you covered.  How cute is this denim number?

Go long!  Until next time....xoxo

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